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Digital sms Flyer

Very versatile and flexible, the Digital SMS Flyer has the simplicity and effectiveness of SMS, with the added creativity and visual impact of an email, mobisite or printed flyer. Compose rich media content using the Digital SMS Flyer enabling you to create dynamic mobile marketing campaigns, event invitations, surveys, invoices or statements and two communication.


• Fully trackable and delivery reports

• No dumping and wastage of physical flyers by distributors and clients

• Not a boring sms – vibrant message

• Client has the flyer in their pocket – a constant reference

• No long lead times for printing – quick turn around times, example weekly updates

• We can offer additional area specific databases, if you would like to widen your reach

• Traditional flyers take weeks to months to distribute by hand and are thrown away almost immediately – done instantly.

• The Digital Flyer  can be made interactive, countdown clocks, Q&A it is limitless.

• It gives so much more punch to your sms campaign! 

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